Ita Eng
Duration: 4 hours
from € 85,00

Gronda & Sorba Slide special

  • The most fun playground in Valsesia! One of the steepest and most iconic creeks in the valley: the ideal terrain for learning the boof technique and to fly around weith your kayak! All kayakers who land in the valley dream of paddling this class IVº pearl, made up of wonderful slides in the Sorba and jumps in the Gronda, that will make your descent unforgettable.
  • Choose Alpin Rider Center and let yourself be guided by our expert teachers! Together we will work on the timing and ideal location of paddle strokes in narrow and steep creeks, on the paddle technique in the water and the BOOF stroke! On real Alpine creeks it is essential to work on the rhythm of the strokes, the angles of incidence and to learn the feeling of the grip of the blade in the water. These new techniques will help you unlock the secrets of this river, allowing you to experience and enjoy its drops, slides and kickers like never before. 

  • Come to Alpin Rider Center with your friends! Discount applied to groups!
Equipment surcharge: 15€