Ita Eng
Duration: 5 hours
from € 90,00


  • The Mastallone is a tributary of the Sesia river that passes through the town of Varallo. Running it in a kayak? A real adventure!
  • The Mastallone offers very different rapids in one of the most fascinating valleys there is. Not to mention the tight and deep gorge, a breathtaking scenary!
  • Given the length of the stretch, we will work on managing the kayak on class III° rivers, which makes this course also and above all a trip. Bringing food with us and stopping to eat on hidden beaches, even passing inside this deep and narrow gorge: we assure you of a breathtaking and unforgettable descent!

  • Come to Alpin Rider Center with your friends! Discount applied to groups!
Equipment surcharge: 15 €