Ita Eng
A green Center
 Alpin Rider Center

Dreaming makes us great!

This project will be born in the small village of Mollia, a hidden gem in one of the greenest valleys of Piedmont.

  • Our great, ambitious, innovative and sustainable dream is finally coming true: a new outdoor center in Valsesia!
  • The project is to build an ecological structure in wood and stone, right on the opposite side of the road where we are now, which would allows us to offer you even more comfort and services, including:
  1. a small hotel with facility to accommodate 12 people, with 2 double bedrooms and a hostel space with dormitory.
  2. a bar/restaurant with a large outdoor terrace in the garden.
  3. a bigger shop selling sporting goods related to the outdoor world, with particular attention to river activities in summer and ski/snowboard in winter.


  • Our goal is to propose, through weekly holiday packages and weekend offers, a series of sporting activities to be practiced both in summer and winter, also allowing visitors to book a stay and take advantage of the new services within the base camp, thus to guarantee a 360 degree service for you.
  • Having a roof would also allow us to keep the center open in winter, as our team is made up of both ski and snowboard instructors! And being Alagna and the Monterosa Freeride Paradise a stone's throw from the centre.... It would allow us to make you fall in love with Valsesia when it dresses in white! 
  • Main goal:
  • ARC is 100% committed to being a defender of nature. All the ARC staff is sensitive to the issues of climate change, global warming and rampant pollution, and it is their duty to raise awareness among customers and teach them, in addition to sport, also more respectful and ecological ways of living.